A Cold Front is Coming

A Cold Front is Coming

SARASOTA (WWSB) -You won’t notice by the warm temperatures that a cold front is coming through on Sunday night but you will get a line of rain that moves through late in the day on Sunday.

What this cold front will provide is some drier weather across the region in the form of the dew points and this will make things a lot more comfortable for the start of the work week.

We won’t get the rain until late in the day on Sunday and it lasts through the overnight period into Monday. Winds will increase and the skies will begin to clear on Monday through Thursday of this upcoming week.

The holiday weekend starts off on the rainy side with a 40% chance of showers on Friday into Saturday but by the middle of the day on Saturday we should start to see clearing conditions and a beautiful day on Sunday.

Temperatures will be staying around 80 degrees on Monday for the coolest day and then warm back up into the mid 80′s for the rest of the week.

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