April is national distracted driving awareness month

Distracted driving awareness month

SARASOTA (WWSB) - According to The Centers for Disease Control, each day nationwide nine people are killed and more than one thousand people are injured in crashes that involve distracted driving.

To help lower those numbers, April has been named national distracted driving awareness month.

Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper Kenn Watson said he sees people distracted driving everyday, whether it be texting, eating, reading books, or even shaving while driving.

Watson said if you look down on the interstate for just three seconds, you've traveled about the length of a football field. All month long FHP is going around to local high schools and homeowners associations to talk with people about the dangers that come along with distracted driving.

"Getting to your destination is the most important thing that you're doing at that time. Looking to see who texted you, looking to see how many likes you have, taking a look at Facebook when operating that motor vehicle, you could literally kill somebody. You could kill yourself. Get to your destination safely, then you can go ahead and use that mobile device," Watson said.

Right now Florida lawmakers are voting on making texting and driving a primary offense, meaning you could get pulled over and ticketed if seen doing so. If the bill is passed it will go into effect on July 1st of this year.

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