Sarasota Police Department holds off on enforcing where CBD oil is sold

Regulating CBD oil

SARASOTA (WWSB) -The Sarasota Police Department has decided to hold off on enforcing which stores can sell CBD oils until the state decides how they want to regulate the substance.

CBD is a liquid extracted from a cannabis plant and is used to treat everything from anxiety to seizures.

Currently, there is a proposed bill that would make the rules for enforcement and compliance that would extend to local law enforcement agencies. A Sarasota Police Department official said they’re going to wait to send out educational letters to stores selling CBD oils until the Department of Agriculture finishes their Cease and Desist Order and forwards it to the police department.

The department decided to warn the public in February that CBD oils being sold at stores other than the one licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the city was not being regulated, so it was unknown what was in their oil. Police decided to make the public aware of this because of an increasing amount of CBD oils being sold around the city and said they would be cracking down on stores selling CBD, but now they’ve decided to wait.

Sarasota PD should have an answer on how to regulate the oil in city limits by the first week of May.

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