Free internet for Sarasota County students to bridge “homework gap”

Free internet for Sarasota County students to bridge “homework gap”

SARASOTA (WWSB) - If you attend a Sarasota County school, free internet access will soon be available to help you finish your homework!

According to a release from the Sarasota County School System, 70 percent of America’s school teachers assign homework to be completed online, while reports indicate high school-aged students across the country do not have access to reliable Internet at home.

How can this issue be fixed? Sarasota County Schools, with the assistance of SPRINT’s 1Million Project Foundation, are set to bridge the gap for nearly 1,000 students in Sarasota County by providing Wi-Fi hotspots for designated students.

The school district was recently selected by the 1 Million Project to participate in its national initiative to help 1 million low-income high school students across the country by providing them with free high-speed Internet access at home, according to the release.

850 student who are identified based on their economic needs will receive SPRINT wireless hotspots, in the districts first year of the program.

Sarasota County Schools say they will begin the survey process to identify students who will be offered a free Wi-Fi hotspot through the grant. The district expects to distribute hotspots to students in August, prior to the start of the new school year.

Sarasota County Schools wants to focus on rising eighth graders, as their hotspot will remain throughout high school and graduation.

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