VIDEO: Old MCAT bus turned into Manatee County ambulance bus

MCAT Bus Converted Into An Ambulance Bus

MANATEE (WWSB) - Manatee county now has a new way to respond to major medical emergencies.

The county has a new ambulance bus called the “raptor.” ABC7′s Marla Spence reported in Bradenton from our Manatee County Mobile Newsroom about how this ambulance bus shown above can treat just as many patients as seven EMS trucks.

People with Manatee County EMS tell ABC7 this bus was something much needed for the county and much needed to help first responders treat more people at one time.

The bus is also known as the “rapid activation patient treatment” or rehab bus is ready to respond to the public.

It was converted from an old MCAT bus and had an ambulance bus kit donated from the health department and the search was on for a bus.

The old transit bus was donated, saving taxpayers thousand of dollars.

The cost of an ambulance bus? $32,000. The bus is able to treat up to 14 patients. This special bus in Manatee County can treat just about anything a patient is treated for in a typical EMS truck.

We’re told the raptor has already responded three times since being introduced to the department.

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