SPRING BREAK: Fire crews respond to heavy smoke at Siesta Key

Crews respond to emergencies in heavy traffic

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Spring breakers are causing major traffic headaches at times, making it difficult for emergency crews to get to those who need their help.

On Monday, crews were called to Siesta Key after heavy smoke filled a building. At the time of the call both of the bridges to the key were backed up.

Sarasota County’s Fire Chief says they’ve done a number things to prepare for the heavy traffic. Preemption is one of them it’s when the crews’ emergency lights and siren will automatically send a signal to the traffic light changing it from red to green as they pass.

There are also fire stations strategically placed on siesta key and near both bridges so they can quickly respond to this area.

The chief says they’ll also work closely with the bridge operators to make sure the bridge stays down as they pass.

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