Hotel guests awoken, evacuated amid active shooter search in MA

Hotel evacuated after active shooting report, police said

NATICK, Mass. (AP/Gray News) — Natick and State Police Departments responded to report of an active shooter at a hotel on Route 9.

The guests and employees were allowed to return to the hotel after an early morning evacuation on Tuesday once police cleared the building.

The Boston Globe reported State Police said in a statement that officers responded to the Crowne Plaza Hotel just before 3 a.m. Tuesday and found one person with a minor injury. It was not clear how the person was injured. At least one shot was reportedly fired.

About 75 guests were evacuated, The Globe reported.

The victim said they were shot at in the atrium of the hotel. Police said the suspects are no longer at the hotel.

State Police spokesman David Procopio said in the statement a search had been ongoing for a suspect inside the hotel, and the building was fully evacuated of guests and employees.

The police are going through surveillance video and interviewing the victim at the scene.

Natick is 17 miles (27 kilometers) west of Boston.

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