Sanctuary city ban bill advances in Florida Legislature

Sanctuary city ban bill advances in Florida Legislature

SARASOTA (WWSB) -A proposal in Florida to connect law enforcement with federal authorities on any matters involving immigration.

Approved by a Florida house committee on Wednesday. The measure would ban so-called sanctuary cities and would lead to tough penalties for officials who don’t comply.

“The bill does not target people based on their appearance. no one will be asked to provide their papers. put simply, the only people that the law applies to are people who are in custody for committing a criminal violation against the laws of the state of Florida,” State Rep. Cord Byrd, R. Neptune Beach.

Opponents of the measure warn such cooperation by cities in Florida would infringe on constitutional rights and target non-violent undocumented immigrants.

“You are privileged, because you don’t have to be afraid. you don’t even know what that is, or have any idea what it is. but, my people know what it is,” Margarita Romo, Farmworkers self-help, inc.

The house bill has stronger enforcement wording than a senate version, which also has been approved by two committees and only has one more stop before it can be considered by the full chamber.

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