Multiple Manatee County agencies participate in a simulated training exercise

Duette Tornado Drill

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Manatee County Fire, Emergency Management and multiple other agencies participated in a simulated tornado-incident training exercise.

"So this is an exercise in tasks and skills that are needed during a major impact that is bringing that many agencies together to work and communicate together to be better prepared.”, said Steve Litschauer, acting chief for Manatee County Emergency Management.

More than 160 participants carried out life like objectives such as clearing out power lines and downed trees. Longboat Key fire rescue deputy fire chief Rocky Parker says its all in an effort to set up an efficient way to keep victims of the disaster safe.

“Your first component is fire to make sure that safety issues are taken care of, live wires things like that. the second component would be public works to clear the way. The third component would be the electrical company to get the live wires. Following security with the sheriff’s dept we have EMS, the medical component of the team.”

EMS services with a mobile special operations unit responding to people who are injured. The event comes two months before the start of hurricane season.

Litschauer says this event is only part of the learning process. “The citizens need to have a plan and they need to be prepared so at two in the morning we tell them you need to evacuate, they have a plan together so they know what to take.”

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