Local law enforcement agencies crack down on drivers who “block the box”

Blocking the Box

SARASOTA COUNTY (WWSB) -Traffic during busy season can be unbearable and it’s made worse when drivers “block the box”, which is when the road is so congested that drivers get stuck in the middle of the intersection after the light turns red.

"Blocking the box" not only impacts other drivers, but also blocks the road for emergency vehicles who may need to get through.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Darrell Seckendorf said drivers who try and catch the light won’t get to their destination any faster and being stuck in the intersection is not only dangerous but it’s also illegal.

"You will have those impatient drivers behind you beeping or waving or other things that they may be doing. Basically just stay there because them pushing them forward to commit that violation, you're the one that will get the citation, not the person that was behind you honking. So, stand fast and do not commit the violation," Sergeant Seckendorf said.

Drivers who get pulled over for "blocking the box" will get a $166 fine as well as three points on their license.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has issued about 60 citations for “blocking the box” since January of 2018.

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