First Alert Weather: Steady rains on the Suncoast before overnight clearing

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Steady rain overnight on the Suncoast has created some wet roads and standing water should be expected in places. As a reminder, it only takes a small amount of water to send a fast moving car into a hydroplane. Authorities suggest easing up on the gas and allow for greater stopping distances. The rains will continue this morning and into the afternoon with generally light rain and pockets of moderate rains. Thunderstorms are not expected. By later in the afternoon there will be periods of rain coming in waves with breaks from time to time. The breaks in the showers will become longer during the overnight until, by dawn tomorrow, the rain chances diminish to near 10%.

WWSB AM First Alert Weather

Tomorrow the sun will return. Dry air will make its way into the Suncoast and we will have several days of cool and dry weather with wall to wall sunshine. By the weekend the temperatures will be close to 80.

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