Couple accused of stealing $20,000 in property from elderly woman

Grand Theft couple

SARASOTA (WWSB) - A Port Charlotte couple was arrested Friday amid accusations they stole property that is valued at more than $20,000 from an elderly woman,

Deputies responded to a theft complaint 2418 Risken Terrace, Port Charlotte, in Charlotte County, Florida on March 14. They spoke with 72-year-old Carol Ward and she told them she going through her jewelry in her home and she found a lot of pieces missing.

She also told deputies she had missing numerous firearms from her residence that were mostly long guns but there were also a few handguns gone too. She advised the deputies that a woman who she knew by the name of Samantha Labbe may have been responsible for her jewelry being stolen. When asked how she knows Labbe, Ward said that Labbe came to stay at her home through a man named David Harmon who also resides there.

Ward told law enforcement that she met Harmon when she was visiting her brother in New Hampshire in 2018. Harmon was working as a vehicle mechanic, and she told him the next next time he was in Florida that he should stop by and say hello.

She said that the comment was only made out of politeness and that she did not mean for it to be an offer. Harmon later came down to Florida and he allegedly moved into her home in October 2018.

He worked for her in exchange for rent and Ward would drive him to various pawn shops where she bought electric guitars for him as a form of payment for work he had not even done yet.

Labee flew down from New Hampshire at the start of 2019 and began living at the residence and Ward believed she was Harmon’s girlfriend. Labbe returned to New Hampshire around the first week of March after Harmon said that also needed to return to the state to renew his driver’s license. He borrowed Ward’s vehicle and he reportedly did not contact her again until March 14.

Deputies were able to locate many of the missing items at Gold Pro’s at the Port Charlotte Town Center mall.

Both Harmon and Labbe are charged with grand theft.

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