Manatee County Sheriff addresses controversial video of Bradenton SWAT arrest

Manatee County Sheriff addresses controversial video of Bradenton SWAT arrest

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Over the weekend, a video of a Bradenton man’s arrest was watched hundreds of times on social media. Some called the arrest controversial, including Jarrel Carter, the man who was arrested.

Carter said he was unfairly targeted and the deputies used excessive force. The Manatee County SWAT Team said Carter resisted arrest and injured a deputy.

The incident happened on February 28.

Carter said he was sitting at his grandmother’s house where he’s been living, when 15 members of the SWAT Team showed up.

The Manatee County Sheriff said they showed up with a search warrant after their informant successfully purchased cocaine and marijuana at this home.

But Carter is insisting there was no reason for his arrest. He said a Ring surveillance video from inside the screened lanai proves it.

“I didn’t resist, all I did was put my hands up and I was doing what I was told," said Carter. "Instead of them putting my hands behind my back [to] go ahead and arrest me, they went to yanking and jerking all on me, tripped me with their foot, two or three of them put their knee on my back and the last one came and put his knee in my neck.”

The SWAT team said it didn’t find any drugs or guns during this search, but Sheriff Rick Wells said Carter is still charged with resisting arrest with violence.

It’s hard to see in both videos what happens during the struggle outside, but a deputy claims Carter nearly broke his finger as he was taken down.

“That’s something that we can dispute all day in court and we look forward to that opportunity," said Sheriff Wells. "[Carter] says it never happened, my deputy says it did happen, we know it did. [The deputy] had to have medical treatment on that finger.”

The Sheriff also points out that at the beginning of the Ring video, the other suspects were already on the floor. He said it was before the recording started that Carter ignored numerous commands to put his hands in the air and get on the ground.

“He would’ve been handled just like everyone else during that search warrant, if he would’ve just complied," said Sheriff Wells. "He’s the only one who didn’t comply, as you can tell from the video.”

Carter said this isn’t true and claims he’s been targeted by police for years.

“Every time you ride around or do anything, you’re just paranoid," Carter said. “Thinking the police are going to mess with you for nothing, when you knowing [you’re] not doing anything."

When asked if he’s selling drugs in the community, Carter said, "No. no.”

Carter said he was released without bond from jail after a judge saw the Ring video. His next appearance is next Friday.

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