UPDATE: Fire referendum fails in Parrish, but fire chief isn’t giving up yet

Parish Fire Department

PARISH (WWSB) - Just because voters said no to increase resources for the Parrish Fire Department Tuesday night, doesn’t mean they won’t continue to serve the community to the fullest.

The failed fire referendum asked for money to pay for six new firefighters, replacing a firetruck that’s more than 25-years old, and to increase the level of training for firefighters in the area.

If passed, the referendum would’ve doubled their resources. “Manatee County actually provides ambulance services for the Parrish area, but a lot of the times they’re gone so we wanted to enhance that training for our membership so when the ambulance was gone we could perform those live saving measures," said Stacey Bailey, Fire Chief of the Parrish Fire District.

25,000 homes have been approved for construction over the next several years in the North River area and half would be built within the Parrish Fire district.

The fire chief tells us their plan is still in effect but they’ll have to wait for more houses to be built before they can get enough funds from taxpayers to fund the referendum.

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