Meet Sharon Roush: The President of the Future Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Venice

Meet Sharon Roush: The President of the Future Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Venice
Sharon Roush, the new President of the future Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Venice, sits down with ABC7.

SARASOTA (WWSB) - A big boom in health care services is coming to South Sarasota County. In less than two years, the Venice area will go from having one older hospital to two, state-of-the-art hospitals.

The existing Venice Regional will soon open a new facility just a few miles away from where it is now - bringing even better service for its patients. However, the second hospital will be the first one of its kind to open in the southern part of the county. Sarasota Memorial Hospital will finally have a team based in Venice. It will open its Venice facility on the southeast intersection of Laurel Road and Pinebrook Road.

Today, we not only got a preview of what this new hospital will be like, but we got to sit down with the new president as she's being introduced to the community for the first time.

"It’s all about the patient and putting the patient first, Sharon Roush tells ABC7.

Being involved in Florida healthcare for the last 27 years, Roush knows what patients want and need, and she’s planning on ensuring that with this new medical center.

“The team, the medical experts that we have here are just phenomenal. We’re hoping to bring the same level of quality to the new hospital in Venice,” Roush said, “We’re going to take the same things that we’re doing so well here, and take them to the South County residents.”

It will have 110 private rooms, a 28-bed emergency center and is being built to withstand a Category 4 hurricane. The hospital will also have its own central energy plant and a 400-space parking garage. Plus, expecting mothers won’t have to drive to Sarasota to give birth. Maternity services will now be available at SMH in Venice.

"We’re developing a 10-bed LDRP, which means labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum, so moms will actually deliver and stay in the same room through their entire stay,” Roush explained.

Plans for expansion are also already in the works not only for the Venice campus, but even the possibility of a future North Port campus, as well.

"We’re probably spending as much time on the process planning the initial hospital that is opening, as we are on the future expansion. We know the community is growing and we want to be able to fit their needs for many years to come,” Roush says.

The Sarasota Memorial Venice Hospital will break ground next month, and is expected to open its doors in fall of 2021. The Venice Regional Hospital started construction last summer, and will be open in about three years.

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