Around half of the pilings in for new Anna Maria City Pier

Around half of the pilings in for new Anna Maria City Pier

ANNA MARIA (WWSB) - Are you following the Anna Maria City Pier update?

We’ve been following the story since 2018 and ABC7′s Marla Spence spoke with the city’s mayor, Dan Murphy on Wednesday afternoon to find out the progress of the development.

Mayor Murphy told ABC7, towards the end of January pilings started, which are beams in the water that hold up the pier. All pilings are currently being brought across the bay either from St. Petersburg or Tampa by the barge to eliminate traffic and congestion in the city.

Per Murphy, the project is still on schedule. Currently, crews are building pilings at the bottom end of the pier and working their way back towards the shore.

Seventy pilings have been driven into the sea floor to and a total of 136 are set to go. Pilings are 50 feet long and 14 inches in diameter made of concrete each weighing 5,000 pounds. How does weather play apart of the project? Well Murphy tells us on a day with good weather they can put in 7 pilings a day.

The next phase will be the beams and toppings on the pier platform. This phase is expected to begin near April to May, depending on the weather. The city expects the pier platform to be done by the end of September.

As far as amenities, the restaurant and bait shop is on schedule to be completed by the end of the year.

Mayor Murphy wants everyone to know the information is subject to change day-by-day.

If you’re wondering why did project started? After a storm it took months to dismantle and remove the pier completely. The historic pier was built in 1911, but was severely damaged when Irma swept through the Suncoast. Murphy old ABC 7 back in December of 2018 a contract was signed late November with construction company I+Icon.

The platform alone is costing $3.3 million.

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