Abortion bill set to go before Florida legislature

Abortion bill set to go before Florida legislature
Abortion bill set to go before Florida legislature (Source: WLBT)

SARASOTA (WWSB) - After the detection of fetal heartbeats, legislation has filed for a bill at the state capitol that would prevent doctors from performing abortions.

The measure has not been heard by any legislative committee yet but it says that cardiac activity of a fetus constitutes an identifiable moment in time in which the unborn child should have the same rights as a human being.

Doctors generally say a fetal heartbeat can be detected around six weeks after conception. State Senator Dennis Baxley is the bill sponsor.

“These are human being," Baxley said. "They are not frogs. They are not some other source. They are not just tissue. They are lives.”

Those who are opposed to the measure say many women don’t even know they are pregnant at the point that the legislation would set as a deadline to have an abortion. State representative Anna Eskamani says the legislature should discussing other pregnancy-related issues this year.

“If this legislative body cares about young people and cares about women and families, then we would support a proactive agenda that focuses on prenatal and postnatal care, contraception, comprehensive sexual health education," Eskamani said. "We would be focused on having these courageous conversations.”

If the bill is approved by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, both proponents and opponents of the fetal heartbeat bill say the measure could among the first to be taken up by a much more conservative Florida Supreme Court.

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