Village development in Venice could be in the works

Village development in Venice

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The new Village at Venice housing development may be on the way.

The development will be located off of Hatchet Creek Road and Pinebrook Road. Council members gave feedback on the upcoming project earlier this week before any further action is taken.

The developers of the project will have to receive permission to rezone the property before moving forward with the project. The original proposal was written back in 2009 and since then contractors have scaled back and only have two floors drawn up.

As things currently stand there would be an entrance off of Hatchet Creek Road and a second entrance off of Ramsey Road. Residents of the areas feel uneasy about this project because it would be another rezone and they feel that comprehensive plans are not being taken into consideration.

Mayor of Venice, John Holic said that rezoning will not be approved for the development if the area will be negatively affected.

“The changes are made if they are a benefit to the city, not just the developer,” Holic said. "

The project still has to go before the Planning Commission for a formal recommendation and also needs an approval from the Venice City Council.

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