Police Searching for Thieves Who Stole 30 Golf Carts Since January From Suncoast Golf Course

Police Searching for Thieves Who Stole 30 Golf Carts Since January From Suncoast Golf Course

GULF COVE (WWSB) - Police continue to search for the thieves who have stolen 30 golf carts from The Cove of Rotonda Golf Center.

"It's really upsetting and disturbing to think that your courses have been violated," Cathy Edelen, the Director of Golf, expressed.

Back in January, 14 of their golf carts were stolen overnight. Since then, The Cove cracked down on security to prevent this from happening again. Even after changing the location of where the golf carts were stored, adding tighter security on the carts, and putting in surveillance cameras, they were still able to take 16 more this week. In the early morning hours on Tuesday, another set of golf carts were stolen from the property.They broke into the building to grab the keys, disabled all the security lighting and yanked out the surveillance cameras from the walls.

Leaving a total of 30 carts gone, which is close to $75,000 in losses for the golf course.

"Everybody knows we are part of the neighborhood and everyone comes to play and has a good time, and when something like this happens… it's shocking," Edelen said.

However, this time, police are able to use the last few minutes from the surveillance footage to try and pinpoint who these robbers are.

Plus,fingerprints were also found. Either way, the cove is working on ways they can keep thieves from doing this again.

"There's lots of new ideas that are floating around that the ownership is looking into, so hopefully the next time, if they do try to steal them again we'll at least be able to track them down and know where to find them," Edelen explained.

The Cove is also offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the golf cart thieves. You can call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at (941) 639-2101.

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