Bradenton City Council presents the latest on their Streetscape Master Plan

Bradenton City Council presents Streetscape Master Plan

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The Bradenton City Council meeting this morning to discuss the planned downtown Streetscape project. The roughly 4-million dollar project is meant to enhance the area aesthetically.

Fav’s Restaurant on Old Main Street has been a downtown Bradenton staple for more than 19 years. The restaurant’s co-owner Michael Favasuli is no stranger to beautification projects. The first one done by the city years ago included endless construction. He said, “It basically almost put us out of business, the first one. We had no street, no sidewalk, no nothing.”

But says this time around should be a lot smoother. Favasoli pointing to a new process and constant communication with the city. And right across the street at Robin’s Place, a typical lunch crowd packs the restaurant. General Manager Ken Wilson says the end result justifies the means. Wilson said, “There’s stuff going on downtown with our charging stations and all that will bring people into the 21st century just like Downtown Sarasota. It’s beautiful down there, it brings a lot of people here and that is what we want to do here.”

And Mayor Wayne Poston agrees. He says it’s time for the city to upgrade. Poston said, “We need to make sure that the city will look the way it ought to look. We always said design is critical in everything we do, not just replacing sidewalks, we’re making it look special.”

Such as improving lighting, irrigation as well as landscape enhancement. Poston said it’s all in an effort to benefit the growing community and tourism. "People are coming downtown, it’s a destination. Look at our Riverwalk, that’s a destination. We’re trying to be prepared for that growth so when you get here, it’s a great experience.

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