Funding is the Next Hurdle Venice City Council Faces with Future Police Station

Funding is the Next Hurdle Venice City Council Faces with Future Police Station

VENICE (WWSB) - A new public safety center in Venice has been in the works for some time now which will be combined with a future police station. In 2016, voters approved spending $16 million dollars on building it. By now, City Council had hoped to break ground already but they’ve run into a few complications. One of them being a major problem - They don’t have enough money set aside to pay for it.

The team behind the future Venice Safety Complex spoke to City Council back in October about the official price of the building. Project managers explained that it will cost a little over $12 million to build this new facility, but the city’s budget for this facility is about $10 million. So the team was asking council members to consider cutting some ideas for the building to make up the cost.

However, that idea didn’t sit well will council members because the 30,000 square foot facility will not only be the new home for the Venice Police Department, but will also be a possible operations center for the city, so City Council wants to ensure the complex will be a safe, sustainable building.

They met on Wednesday to discuss other options on how to pay for it, and today, Mayor John Holic shared some of their thoughts with us.

“We have a building that City Council voted on selling. It’s a building that I preferred to keep, but now it looks like it’s a God-sent that we’re going to sell it because it’s worth over a million dollars. We also have a couple of projects, that if they’re delayed by a year, it really isn’t going to hurt anything," explained Mayor Holic.

City Council is confident that they will be able to make up that $1.6 million dollar difference without using more tax payer money. They have until March 12 to formally increase the public safety complex project budget.

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