Fog is Back and So Is the Humidity

High Pressure Keeping Us Fair

SARASOTA (WWSB) -We had a gorgeous day along the Suncoast with plenty of sunshine today! What you also might have felt is a return of the humidity.

As the dew points rise and the warm winds from the south come through, we will have more warm weather and humid conditions this upcoming week. High pressure continues to have a hold on our weather. We will see a cold front trying to break into the area but it weakens and dissipates to our north.

Highs will be unseasonably warm with readings in the 80′s and there may be a few days with record highs or close to it.

Across the southeastern part of the country the weather will be pretty rough for travelers. A low pressure system will drag a couple of cold fronts across the Gulf Coast states and Northern Florida but that high pressure system will prevent those cold fronts from coming here.

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