Sarasota Police warning CBD shops saying they are breaking the law

Sarasota Police warning CBD shops saying they are breaking the law

SARASOTA (WWSB) - “I know what I’m doing here is right and I’m helping people on a daily basis and I’m not going to stop doing that,” said Shelby Isaacson, Co-Owner of Second and Seed.

It’s a place that sells all types of CBD products including oils and creams. Sarasota Police are warning shops saying they are selling their items illegally. Isaacson tells us all of her products fall far below the legal THC limit and that she is not doing anything wrong.

“Hemp is under the agricultural act, there is one that came out in 2014 and one that came out in 2018, because of those if you have THC less than .3 percent than it is legal,” said Isaacson.

Isaacson says CBD relieves all types of health issues and she’s helping a lot of people. Sarasota Police say that you cannot sell a cannabis product unless you are one of the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. They are urging these shops to stop selling CBD.

“We’re starting to see a proliferation of this product showing up in the city and elsewhere in this state, being sold everywhere from stand alone stores to gas stations," said Michael Harrell with the Sarasota Police Department. "We just need the public to know that it’s a public safety issue, because most of this stuff nobody knows for sure where it comes from.”

Police say they are still working on the warning letters that will go to each of these shops. For Isaacson, she’s hopeful the city will work together with her and others on this issue.

“We’re here, we’re creating jobs, we have invested in local non-profits," said Isaacson. "We’re helping the citizens here and that’s what we’re ultimately trying to do is create a better life for everyone.”

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