VIDEO: Explosions in Manatee County after man finds pipe bomb behind his house

An explosive found in Manatee County was reported

MANATEE COUNTY (WWSB) - Did you hear explosions in Manatee County on Sunday? You weren’t alone.

Around 11:15am, deputies were called to a home on Horseshoe Loop in Terra Ceia where a man found a large PVC pipe with both ends capped off in some mangroves behind his house.

The homeowner used a chainsaw to cut into the pipe and found smaller cylinders and a brownish powder inside. That’s when he called deputies.

Deputies and HAZMAT determined the pipe contained explosives. They took the explosives to a nearby farm off Buckeye Road and between 12:30pm and 1am conducted safe detonations.

The sheriff’s office says they believe the pipe and explosives were leftover from when they were used to form the channels around Terra Ceia Bay.

The video with this story is courtesy the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District, which assisted the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Explosives Found At Home In Terra Ceia
Found Explosives (Photos) in Manatee County
Found Explosives (Photos) in Manatee County (Source: Manatee County Sheriff’s Office)

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