St. Armands Garage opening on Tuesday

St. Armands Garage opening on Tuesday
St. Armands Parking Garage set to open on Tuesday

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The St. Armands Garage is opening to the public on Tuesday, February 12, adding another 484 public parking spaces and five electric vehicle charging stations for the circle.

The parking rate in the new garage is 50 cents per hour Monday through Saturday except for on holidays that are recognized by the City of Sarasota. Visitors can pay by credit card, debit card, coins or using the ParkMobile app.

In addition to the parking spaces, the garage also includes one DC fast charger, bicycle storage and repair station and public restrooms. The garage is expected to boost parking availability and reduce street congestion.

The $15 million facility is the result of a mutual partnership between the City of Sarasota and St. Armands commercial property owners. The project will be funded through a special assessment and the paid parking program.

Outside of the garage, paid parking is coming to the circle. Forty pay stations and six traditional single-head parking meters have been installed around St. Armands Circle for on-street parking and parking in the Fillmore Lot (S. Adams Drive and Monroe Drive).

Rates are divided into color-coded zones that are based on proximity and convenience. Those colors are green ($1.50 per hour). yellow ($1.00 per hour) and purple (75 cents per hour). However, almost 200 on-street spaces in the St. Armands parking district will remain free.

For the paid spaces, visitors can pay by credit card, debit card, coins or ParkMobile app. For those who opt to use the app they must register in the ParkMobile system, enter the parking zone posted on street signs and select the duration of time.

For more information visit www.SarasotaFL.Gov/Parking or contact the Parking Division office: 941-954-7057.

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