SCF Manatee-Sarasota looking to expand their nursing program

SCF trying to expand nursing program

BRADENTON (WWSB) - With an older population and more medical facilities, a push is on for more nursing students in the area.

The State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota is working to expand their nursing program and is now asking for the legislature's help.

The school’s President, Dr. Carol Probstfeld, said statewide they are asking for $212 million from the legislature. This money would go towards hiring more educators for the students to expand the program.

Right now, the nursing program is one of the top in the state and has an advanced building and simulation center.

Every year The State College of Florida produces about 4,000 nurses statewide and Probstfeld said if the funding was available they would be able to double that to 8,000 nurses a year.

This would be beneficial for the current need for nurses we see now in the state of Florida, especially right here on the Suncoast.

“In this part of Florida we have an older population. We are very hospital rich and so the requirement for more intense health care in this area is greater than it might be in other parts of the state and so we’re working very hard to fill that need, as are our colleagues around the state,” Probstfeld said.

The school said local hospitals and medical centers are already working with them to grab the attention of legislatures so that the funding can be approved.

Probstfeld also said more people are becoming interested in pursuing nursing as a career path, so expansion would allow the school to accept more students as well

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