VIDEO: Polar Vortex Creating Blood Shortage Across US, SunCoast Blood Bank needs assistance with Type O negative and positive most in demand

Polar Vortex

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Polar Vortex is creating a blood shortage across the United States, but what does that exactly mean?

Polar Vortex is a circulation of strong, upper level winds that normally surrounds the north pole while moving in a counter clockwise direction -- polar lower pressure system. According to CNN, the winds tend to keep the bitter cold air locked in the Artic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The vortex can become distorted dipping farther allowing the cold air to spill outward. So, how does this affect the Suncoast?

According to a release from the SunCoast Blood Bank, Seventy-five percent of the continental US will dip below freezing at some point this week creating a critical shortage of blood products.

SunCoast Blood Bank needs help assisting blood centers by sending blood sending blood. Type O negative, the universal donor type and type O positive the most common type will be in high demand, as will all other types.

According to SunCoast Blood Bank, blood collection agencies across the US are making every effort to help meet the blood needs of patients affected by the severe weather.

The Blood Bank will ensure the residents of the Suncoast needs are met first and it also wants to assist other parts of the US.

As the Polar Vortex affects people all over, the SunCoast blood bank is set to increase donations to ensure it can meet local needs as well as help hospitals and healthcare centers outside of its service area.

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