First Alert Weather: Weekend rain possible and snow in Florida next week possible

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The cold front that caused strong winds and downpours of rain has moved south. Now a north wind will continue to draw down colder and drier air. This will bring us a chilly day with highs running about ten degrees below the average. The cold air will stick around. In fact, weather models suggest a front next week could bring the snow line into southern Georgia and very close to producing flurries in the Florida panhandle. Too early to take that to the bank but it does appear it will get cold and a freeze for a good section of north Florida is possible. At present it does not appear that a freeze is likely for the Suncoast.

WWSB AM First Alert Weather

The all important weekend is becoming clearer in the forecast and I will give Sunday a First Alert Weather Day designation. We will not have severe weather but just inconvenient weather. Most of Saturday is looking ok. It will be cool, of course but day for most of the day. Late Saturday or Saturday night we will see a few showers possible. Upper air energy diving out of Texas and riding on the winds aloft will move across south Florida. The effect of this will be a persistent deck of clouds building on Sunday and a breezy day. Additionally, The clouds may produce drizzle or even showers from time to time through out the day on Sunday. Models are coming into agreement on this and confidence is building in a somewhat wet and cool forecast. Most of the day Sunday will be spent in the 50′s.

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