More than 80 birds rescued from one-bedroom apartment in CA

More than 80 birds rescued from one-bedroom apartment in CA
Humane society officers found unsanitary conditions in a one-bedroom apartment with more than 80 birds.

RANCHO BERNARDO, CA (KFMB/CNN) - Some people love having birds as pets... But in certain conditions... But experts said there is such a thing as too much.

More than 80 birds were rescued from a man’s one-bedroom apartment Wednesday morning.

"These are all cockatiels, yeah. They’re just flying around in there, willy nilly!” said Sgt. Laurel Monreal of the San Diego Humane Society. “It is a bird-hoarding situation. It’s not a clean situation.”

Because of these unsanitary and possibly dangerous conditions, humane society officers had to don protective gear to seize the cockatiels.

They were found flying freely around, confined primarily to two rooms of the apartment.

“We understand they don’t handle stress well. We want to do the best by them that we can,” Monreal said.

Each bird was carefully captured and individually boxed up to be evaluated for any medical problems initially by an on-site vet.

“We worry a lot more about infectious disease and nutritional and metabolic disturbances,” Monreal said.

The apartment’s tenant, who some neighbors said may have been breeding the birds in his unit for years, was detained, questioned and evaluated by a team of health experts.

“We want to make sure that he has the support and resources he needs,” Monreal said.

Other residents in the building said this was a long time in coming.

“And I know he’s had dozens and dozens of birds in there,” said a neighbor who identified herself as Holly.

She said the alleged bird hoarder had a checkered history of hassling other residents.

“When he introduced himself to me, I said, ‘Oh, you’re Robert the Bird Man,’ and he got all insulted or he got his panties in a twist,” she said.

Authorities will make sure these birds are healthy and if not, get them the care that they need.

“I hope the birds are OK,” she said.

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