Family shaken after hackers accessed home security cameras, watched them for weeks

Hackers watch family in their own home after accessing security camera

AUBURN, WA (KCPQ/CNN) - A Washington family says someone hacked their security camera account and watched them for weeks inside their home.

They only moved in three months ago, but Abby Laguidao and Conrado Casallo now say they’re uncomfortable inside their own home.

"Last night I was like. 'I don’t want to live here anymore,’” Laguidao said.

After the family installed security cameras, which are connected to the internet, they said they started hearing things.

"Last week is when we, like 4 a.m., a huge sound woke us up,” Casallo said. “I hear talking … the moment I turned the light on and the reflection went on the window in front of me, the sound stopped."

The couple said things got really creepy this week.

“I did not feel like I was alone,” Laguidao said.

While she and the children sat in the living room, she said she could hear multiple male voices. At first she thought it was Casallo just checking in via the security cameras.

Then she heard them swearing.

“I was like, ‘Huh, that’s not Conrado,’” she said. “And they go ‘nice laptop,’ and I was like, ‘OK, someone is looking at me.’”

Laguidao wanted proof, though. She started waving her hand at the camera, and her them reacting to her.

“So that’s when I stopped the video, because I was shaking,” she said.

Laguidao and Casallo called police, who confirmed they are investigating. The couple also filed a complaint with the company that makes the cameras.

Casallo said he also discovered Laguidao’s account they use to log into the camera’s recordings had been hacked.

Cyber security experts at Watchguard Technologies said if you have security cameras with internet access, you want to be sure to always use a strong password and protect it with a firewall or secure router.

They also recommend limiting web access to the cameras whenever possible.

"These things do happen,” Laguidao said. “I do definitely feel very violated."

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