Sarasota focuses on a series of events for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr day

Sarasota focuses on a series of events for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr day

SARASOTA (WWSB) - It all started with the first MLK 5K Run for Justice, with runners hearing segments of Dr. King’s famous speeches along the race route.

Sarasota City Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie says the event brings awareness to health. “We have healthy food demonstrations that are going to be happening on site. Dr. Merritt will be doing health screenings for high cholesterol and glucose screening."

The race was followed by the annual awards breakfast at the Robert L. Taylor Center, honoring Suncoast residents and organizations serving our community and upholding the ideals of Dr. King. For longtime Sarasota resident Walter Gilbert, coming together to have breakfast in unity signifies expectation and achievement. “To be inclusive of everyone that lives here is important to the city, the county, to the state and the nation itself, so events like this only highlight where we need to go and where we came from.”

The days events even included a “Unity Walk” to MLK park and a trolley ride to Lido Beach. It was all to commemorate the struggle to desegregate Sarasota beaches. Gilbert says, “Anytime something that you fought for or earned, there are still people out there that want to take it back, so we have to continue to work and you have to keep pushing and keep the standard where it is and nor let it slip back to where it was.”

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