Stolen Rolex watches found during strip search of Florida woman

Delajurea Brookens
Delajurea Brookens(Miami-Dade Corrections (custom credit))
Updated: Jan. 14, 2019 at 9:41 AM EST
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MIAMI SPRINGS, FL (Gray News) – A Florida woman is accused of stealing a man’s five Rolex watches, valued at $108,000, during their date on Jan. 8.

Police told the Miami Herald one of the watches was recovered at the scene of her arrest. But the other four weren’t recovered until a jailhouse strip search.

Correctional officers found them inside of her vagina.

Police identified the suspect as 29-year-old Delajurea Brookens, who sports a tattoo that reads “whore” on her left arm. They said she met the victim at Mango’s nightclub in Miami Beach.

The two relocated to the Clarion Suites hotel a few hours later. The victim went to freshen up in the bathroom and that’s when his Crown Royal whisky bag, which contained the five watches, went missing.

Investigators said the suspect ran out of the room and hailed a taxi. The victim chased her and demanded to have his watches back.

Police said she began beating him in the head until he became dazed and fell to the ground.

Hotel workers called police and they apprehended Brookens in a nearby alley.

Officers said she would not behave inside the police cruiser. She allegedly spat, banged her head, kicked windows and bit officers.

At first, she was only facing charges of grand theft, resisting an officer with violence, battery and possession of cocaine. But police said she dug a deeper hole for herself when she urinated on the floor of her holding cell.

She now faces an additional criminal mischief charge.

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