New traffic lights on SR70 that drivers should be aware of

New traffic lights on SR70 that drivers should be aware of

MANATEE COUNTY (WWSB) -Drivers should be aware of some new traffic lights along SR70, they impact drivers heading east at the I-75 overpass.

"It's an issue, it's going to be an issue," said driver Leroy Richardson.

Richardson, who is familiar with the road, said he can see problems with the new traffic lights put in on SR70.

The lights were turned on Wednesday night and are part of a bigger project to widen and improve safety on the interstate.

"From now on any motorist wishing to exit 75 northbound to SR70 will use that exit and to go eastbound it's a free flow right, but to go westbound you'll be at a stop sign. The final configuration though you will have to stop on red, even to go eastbound and again that's just a safety measure," said FDOT's Community Outreach Manager, Brian Bollas.

And this also impacts drivers going eastbound on SR70 because there is a traffic light right after the you drive under the overpass, which some drivers say they aren't aware of.

"They need to slow the traffic down going through that intersection now because people are not aware of it, I just found out today," said Richardson.

But Bollas said drivers should be more aware when driving, especially through a construction zone.

"There are signs posted in the construction zone alerting motorist to new traffic patterns and again asking motorists to be observant of the construction and exercise extreme caution through construction zones," Bollas said.

Bollas said along with this change, drivers here in this area should also be aware that through Monday they will be demolishing part of the I-75 bridge on top of SR70 so if you are traveling in this area make sure to pay to the changes.

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