Concerns grow over dangerous intersection in Parrish

Concerns grow over dangerous intersection in Parrish

PARRISH (WWSB) - It’s an intersection that residents say puts people’s lives at risk. Parrish United Methodist Church sits right on the corner of US 301 and County Road 675. The church’s pastor Christopher Schmidt says he fears the intersection for members of his church, for people who live here and for the many drivers who use this road daily.

“The worst of the accidents we’ve seen, they leave a mark, you kind of carry the weight of what you’ve seen,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt tells us there are accidents here every few months, including a crash that killed 22-year-old Ashley Rhodes last June. Darin Rushnell lives just a block from the intersection. He tells us these crashes hits a little too close to home.

“When you can actually be inside in the AC, in the shower and you hear the devastation of the accidents, the most recent one, it’s heartbreaking,” said Rushnell.

Currently there is a blinking yellow and red light at the intersection. Many Parrish residents say that isn’t enough. They are pushing the Florida Department of Transportation to have a fully operational traffic signal installed as soon as possible.

“It would take that requirement of drivers to make a judgement as to when is a safe time to cross the intersection and they could just go as we do with any other intersection, with the prompting of the lights,” said Schmidt.

The Parrish Civic Association will hold a meeting regarding the dangerous intersection on January 24th at Parrish United Methodist Church and FDOT staff will be on hand to hear from residents and answer questions.

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