Construction and renovations to Sarasota County Fire Stations are in the works this new year

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SARASOTA (WWSB) - A new year means new changes to some Sarasota County Fire Stations.

The county plans to renovate a few stations along with building a new one near the Celery Fields on Palmer Blvd in Sarasota County.

Out of the 22 fire stations in Sarasota County, there are three fire stations that will be getting a whole new look.

These are changes that have been in the works for about a year.

The department’s fire chief tells us there are plans to have complete face lifts to two fire stations in the county.

Those fire stations are the Siesta Key location on Beach Road and Fire Station 8 near I-75 and Bee Ridge Road.

Those buildings will be completely torn down and rebuilt for renovations.

There are also plans to replace the temporary fire station near the Celery Fields on Palmer Blvd with a permanent station.

That station will be completely new and hopefully bring some relief to the people who work and live in that area.

Chief Michael Regnier tells us the new fire station near the Celery Fields could also potentially create job growth as well.

" We have personnel for fire stations today. In that temporary facility we have a fire engine, however we are looking to add an engine to that location which is near the Celery Fields and when we do so we will probably have some openings at that time", says Regnier.

Chief Regnier says in addition to the new fire station creating more jobs, his goal is to make the stations more modern, efficient and accessible for both men and women by having different bunk rooms.

Last year the department went to the board of county commissioners to propose the idea.

The department got the green light to move forward but the process is still in the beginning stages like getting zoning changes and getting a construction manager.

The entire process could take about 2 years to complete.

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