Palmetto Police Department will soon have a new and updated police station

Palmetto Police Department will soon have a new and updated police station

PALMETTO (WWSB) -Parts of the Palmetto Police Station are literally crumbling apart.

"The building is actually pulling apart where the different phases were put together and also the south wall is actually crumbling," said Palmetto Police Chief, Scott Tyler.

Chief Tyler said need for a new police station has been a long time coming.

Along with falling apart, the building, which was built nearly sixty years ago, also has caused some health concerns.

“We’ve had some air quality issues that we immediately remediated and we’ve had some mold issues in the building which we’ve remediated,” Said Chief Tyler.

The department has also outgrown the building.

"It really doesn't work for modern police department. We have civilian functions that are very close to places where we might have arrestees and things like that," Chief Tyler said.

And while the city realized the need for a new station, in years past the money just wasn't there.

"We were really impacted by the recession a few years ago, so we've had to deal with a lot of that. We have not had the funding available to replace the police department," said Palmetto's Mayor, Shirley Groover Bryant.

But, with Manatee County voters voting yes two years ago to the half cent sales tax, there's now money in the bank to improve infrastructure.

Of the money, it's estimated around eight million dollars will be used for construction of the new building.

The new station will be built on the empty lot between 8th Street and 9th Avenue, where Palmetto Elementary School used to be located.

"Everybody has seen the need and we think it's really overdue and we're hoping it's going to be a real moral booster for all of our officers," Mayor Bryant said.

The city should be hiring an architect for this project within the next month. And while Mayor Bryant is hopeful that they’ll break ground on this project this year, there’s no set date on when construction will start.

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