Caught on Camera: Thief Steals Christmas Packages from Venice Home

Caught on Camera: Thief Steals Christmas Packages from Venice Home

VENICE (WWSB) - ‘Twas the day before Christmas, and one neighborhood in Venice is worrying about whether they’ll get their presents stolen before they even have time to wrap them. People on their street are calling him the Grinch who stole Christmas, and for one family, he actually did.

"We’ve heard so much about it happening all over the neighborhoods, and we thought it wasn’t going to happen here, but I guess it does,” Rose LaBeouf explained.

The thief was caught on camera red-handed.

"Being right there in front of my own home is a little frightening," LaBeouf told us.

LaBeouf tells me she knew something was wrong when she got a notification that her package had been delivered, but it wasn’t on her front porch. She then asked her neighbor to check the cameras and see when it was, and that’s when she saw the culprit.

“It’s Christmas, and I keep thinking… we’re retired and I know my neighbors work very hard for their packages and their property, and Santa is coming. A lot of Christmas gifts are being taken. It’s such a shame,” LaBeouf said.

Inside that package was the last of the Christmas presents LaBeouf bought for her family.

“You know, it’s not about the price. It doesn’t matter. It’s just the principle of the thing and you’re trusting in getting it and It just doesn’t happen,” LaBeouf expressed.

If anyone recognizes the car or the driver in this surveillance video, you’re asked to call the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office as soon as possible.

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