Pedialyte touts hangover help this holiday season

Updated: Dec. 21, 2018 at 6:53 PM EST
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Going to have a drink or two at a holiday party? Pedialyte has been used for years to help ease hangovers, but now comes in a convenient powder pack targeted for adults.

Pedialyte is inviting people to get their bubbly on with its new post-party helper Sparkling Rush. The powder packs are aimed to rehydrate and provide electrolytes.

Pedialyte aims to help post-holiday party with it's Sparkling Rush powder packs.
Pedialyte aims to help post-holiday party with it's Sparkling Rush powder packs.(Pedialyte)

“There’s a reason so many turn to Pedialyte when they need help hydrating – it works,” said Jennifer Williams, MPH, Research Scientist at Abbott who specializes in hydration. “Pedialyte is so effective because the levels of electrolytes and carbohydrate are optimal for rehydration."

Alcohol is a diuretic and if you aren’t replenishing the fluids you lose you can become dehydrated.

“Losing water also means losing electrolytes – essential minerals like sodium and potassium that are responsible for maintaining proper fluid levels in your body, balancing your blood’s pH levels, and firing signals to your nerves and muscles,” reports Abbott, the maker of Pedialyte.

Pedialyte isn’t claiming its products are a hangover cure, but it does say “it can help with the dehydration you may experience after a couple of cocktails.”

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