High Winds and Big Waves Close Down Venice Fishing Pier and South Jetty

Storm Brings Dangerous Waves

VENICE (WWSB) - Yesterday’s heavy rainfall flooded many streets across the Suncoast. There was also at least one reported confirmed tornado. Today, the cleanup efforts have begun, but in some areas, like the Venice coastline, this storm system still having an impact.

The high winds and big waves have forced the City of Venice to close down the Venice Fishing Pier to the public.

They've also blocked off the walkway to the South Jetty for the same reason. Massive waves continue to crash into the rocks.

“I personally like cold fronts coming through because this is a benefit of it. We get all the waves and the wind. I’m crazy that way, I love it. A lot of other people do too that’s why they’re out here,” Paul Lockhart, Venice

There's also no swimming flags up at almost every beach in Sarasota County.

While these beach conditions usually invites surfers to come out, today they tell me it's just too dangerous to go out there.

“Because it is way too heavy. Too Heavy to go out. I’d say 15 foot swells overhead and just close outs left and right. You’ll just get wrecked,” Gaelan Mclean explained.

The City of Venice says that as of right now, both the Fishing Pier and the Jetty will be closed until at least tomorrow.

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