VIDEO: Porch Pirates caught on camera stealing from a subdivision in Manatee County

Burglary, Theft & Arrest of Porch Pirates (Video)

MANATEE COUNTY, Fl (WWSB) - Thanks to one neighbor, two Porch Pirates were caught on camera this weekend stealing in a subdivision community.

On Saturday, Dec. 15 a witness observed the suspects driving suspiciously in a silver Mercury Cougar around the Magnolia Point neighborhood.

Nikolas Beursken, 19 and Thomas Stacy, 48 were both charged with Burglary and Theft.

Beursken quickly hopped out the vehicle, went to the front door and took a package that was lying next to the front door, according to a release from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

After watching this unfold, the witness contacted authorities and deputies later conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on University Parkway, according to the release.

Deputies say the package that was stolen was sitting in the front seat next to Beursken.

According to the release, the video shows the suspects vehicle pull into the driveway and Beursken get out of the passenger side, run up to the door, drop a package and pick up another package. Beursken then gets back into the passenger side where they then sit idle in the driveway for a few moments before leaving.

Later after the Miranda was read, Beursken admitted to taking the package.

Stacy was additionally charged with Driving a Motor Vehicle with No Registration, Attached Tag Not Assigned, and VOP for Robbery.

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