Retired research monkeys find new home in Florida

Retired research monkeys find new home in Florida
A Rhesus macaque monkey, pictured in India in 2012. A monkey of the same species escaped from a research center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Have you seen monkeys in your neighborhood lately?

Over two dozen research monkeys have found a new home in Florida.

According to CNN, The squirrel monkeys arrived in mid-November at jungle friends, a primate sanctuary in Gainesville.

The monkeys were once involved in a US Food and Drug Administration study.

The study intended to investigate the role of various levels of nicotine in the onset of addiction in teens and young adults.

In January, after the deaths of four monkeys involved the research drew criticism from some animal rights activists, the agency ended the study.

The 26 remaining monkeys were retired to jungle friends, according to CNN.

Jungle friends, founded in 1996, is home to more than 300 new world monkeys and has been asked to take in hundreds of monkeys from research laboratories over the years.

The head of the sanctuary says the latest arrivals will be gradually transitioned to outdoor habitats over several months because they have never been outside.

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