What you can do to protect yourself during flu season

What you can do to protect yourself during flu season
Flu Season (Source: Hawaii News Now.file)

SARASOTA (WWSB) - After last year brought on a record number of flu cases in the state, registered nurse and parent Kacee Homer isn’t taking any chances. “I just constantly try to keep the house sanitized, clean and the first sign of a system that some has i’m treating it.”

In addition to using tissue when you cough or sneeze and taking vitamins, she says it’s all about being proactive fighting the flu. Homer said, “Washing your hands is a big thing. The flu is not an airborne illness. Wash your hands, keep hand sanitizer close by and get plenty of rest."

The Center for Disease Control says outbreaks increased in several states over the past few weeks, including right here in Florida. At this point, it’s not widespread. Most outbreaks reported so far have been in schools or daycares.

CAN Community Health medical director Tonya Schreibman says one of the best ways to prevent the flu--is by getting a flu shot. “We do the best we can to learn as much as we can from the prior years and put that into the new vaccine so that it can be effective as possible.”

For Homer, the key to prevention is making smart decisions.

“If you have family events coming up and certain family member is sick, they should be kind and not attend. If they attend, you shouldn’t. If someone is sick and they come to work, encourage them to come home.”

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