Illegal Dumping Issue Continues in North Port

Illegal Dumping Issue Continues in North Port

NORTH PORT (WWSB) - Illegal dumping has been an issue, once again, in the City of North Port. Residents say while it has gotten better, they’re still seeing piles of furniture and trash sitting on empty properties next door.

“As soon as they pick things up something else is dumped," Doreen Dileo told us.

Dileo lives on the southeast section of North Port where illegal dumping has been an issue for years. Things like couches, boxes and old furniture is thrown out on back roads and vacant land.

“Since it’s not developed, there’s not that many people living out there. It’s in an area that we don’t necessarily go out to often, and we don’t now if it’s actually Sarasota County residents. It could be Charlotte or DeSoto, and it’s right off 75, so it really could be anybody," Michael Fear, the Director of Public Works, explained.

The city has tried cracking down aggressively on not only cleaning up the mass, but making the public aware that this is illegal and that there are other ways they could get rid of their junk. However, this ongoing issue is not only a problem for those who live near it, but for all North Port tax payers.

“The city is growing fast enough, our drivers are already very busy, so to add on something that we consider unnecessary collection, something that is dumped, you’re talking added time, added money, and added wear and tear on the trucks,” said Fear.

Plus, the North Port Police Department has also had to add patrols in the area.

“There are places for these things. This is not the place," Dileo said.

The City of North Port wants to remind everyone that residents do have an option of calling in for a bulk pick up – where crews will come and collect any furniture or big items and throw them away in the correct area. Here are the directions to do so:

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