FDOT plans on expanding State Road 70 between Lakewood Ranch and Myakka City

FDOT plans on expanding State Road 70 between Lakewood Ranch and Myakka City
State Road 70 Expansion Planned in Manatee County (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA (WWSB) - “I know there are a lot of wrecks, especially at night time during this time,” said Corey Brady, an employee of Ocean Blue Pools and Services.

The pool store Brady works at is right in front of the area of State Road 70 near Lorraine Road in Lakewood Ranch where the bottleneck occurs. It goes from six lanes down to two lanes. The Florida Department of Transportation is planning on expanding a six-mile stretch of the road in the near future.

“I know they’re building more houses out there and everything like that, so I definitely think it’ll be better and worth it for the community and definitely better for traffic,” said Brady.

More development is bringing in more people and more cars and that’s another big reason for this proposed expansion, that’s in addition to the numerous crashes. Plans are to expand State Road 70 from Lorraine Road in Lakewood Ranch to County Road 675 in Myakka City. FDOT has yet to decide if the expansion will include four lanes or six lanes. Caleb Free says this stretch of road is very dangerous. He lives in the Greenbrook Village development with his wife and two children, which is right off of State Road 70 and east of Lorraine Road.

“If we’re going to go to six lanes potentially, I would say the first thing we have to do is a stoplight, and then six lanes would be a good thing,” said Free.

FDOT says there will be a public meeting on this project within the next twelve months. That will give the community a chance to give their input and decide if the road should be expanded to four or six lanes. FDOT tells us construction of this project could begin in the Fall of 2022.

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