City of Sarasota places its City Clerk and Auditor on administrative leave

City of Sarasota places its City Clerk and Auditor on administrative leave
City of Sarasota places its City Clerk and Auditor on administrative leave (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - The City of Sarasota has officially put its City Auditor and Clerk on administrative leave.

This comes after nearly two hours of discussing the findings of an independent investigation by a law firm commissioned by the City.

Commissioners said they will decide what to do next, as well as give Nadalini an opportunity to speak at a regular City Commission meeting on January 7.

“I can tell you this was not a close decision," said Attorney Jennifer Compton of Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick.

She confidently presented her firm’s findings to the City Commission during a nearly two hour long discussion about this at City Hall on Monday.

“They include that the City Auditor and Clerk’s management and leadership is not fair and appropriate, that Ms. Nadalini routinely engages in retaliatory conduct that is outside of legal boundaries,” Compton read to the Commission.

The investigation into the City Auditor and Clerk included a total of 66 interviews with former and current employees and each of the City Commissioners.

The firm said Nadalini ignored four requests for an interview herself, but at this meeting, she briefly spoke up.

Nadalini said while she certainly isn’t pleased with the findings of the report, she still has the utmost respect for the employees.

“Many of them are great employees, I’ve worked with many of them for a very, very long time," Nadalini said. "So it’s not just a business/professional relationship, some of them, I believe, I have a personal relationship with them. With that being said, I believe there’s nothing for me to say at this time, other than I have the utmost respect for all of those employees.”

Compton, on the other hand, said many of those employees have shown a clear fear of retaliation by Nadalini and called for her to be placed on leave as soon as possible.

“The urgency and time sensitivity, I can not underscore enough,” Compton said.

She also added that the worst thing that can happen for the City now is liability if the Commission does nothing after hearing this report.

The City Commission agreed in that they had no choice but to place Nadalini on leave immediately.

Right after, her interim replacement, Deputy City Clerk Shayla Griggs took post.

The Commission also took action to prevent any potential retaliation against employees who took part in the investigation.

Lastly, they voted to draft a policy that would address any future incidents involving charter officials like this one in the future.

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