Sarasota city commission to discuss whether city clerk should be fired

Sarasota city commission to discuss whether city clerk should be fired
Commissioners to discuss fate of City Auditor and Clerk Pamela Nadalini.

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The Sarasota City Commission may decide on Monday whether to follow a law firm’s recommendations and fire city clerk and auditor Pamela Nadalini.

The Sarasota-based law firm Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick released its 77 page report on Nadalini last Friday.

The city commission authorized the firm to conduct a $30,000 probe in September, after a former city employee filed a complaint alleging discrimination.

Some key findings include allegations that Nadalini created a toxic work environment with yelling and badgering.

It also states that she leads by bullying and fear and that the work place environment was unfair.

The investigation also found that the atmosphere of the clerk's office involved a consistent pattern of retaliation.

The report also says that the city clerk's office employee turnover is three times that of all other city departments.

The law firm interviewed 54 people between November 5th and November 20th, for the investigation.

The law firm report recommends that Nadalini be placed on administrative leave and then fired.

Today, the city commission will meet with the law firm to discuss the report and will ultimately decide if Nadilini will continue to hold her current position.

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