Florida man loses pants during burglary

Florida man loses pants during burglary

LAKELAND, FL (RNN) - Police in Florida need help identifying a “not-so-smooth criminal” who used a fire extinguisher to make a hole in the wall at a Lakeland Hyundai dealership on Nov. 18.

Either the hole wasn’t big enough or he just was ill-prepared to climb through it. He spent more than a minute trying to illegally maneuver his way inside the business.

His feet dangled in the air behind him as he struggled to squeeze himself inside. When he finally got in, he nearly fell down while trying to stand.

Perhaps he slipped on a piece of drywall that he’d knocked on the floor. Or maybe it wasn’t easy to regain his composure with his trousers down around his ankles.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, police posted surveillance footage of his struggle on the department’s Facebook page for the world to see. They even added circus music to it.

After the suspect got his pants back where they belonged, he moved on to another part of the dealership. At this point, he was only wearing a single flip-flop.

Cameras recorded him digging through drawers behind the counter. On his way out, he put on his missing flip-flop and began to climb back through the hole he made.

As fate would have it, another struggle ensued. His feet once again dangled in the air as he tried to pull himself through to the other side.

Police sped up the video during his escape, so it’s unclear whether or not his pants fell once again.

Investigators said he managed to take a generator and was last seen headed south on Brunnell Parkway.

Detective Scott Hutton is hoping someone will recognize the suspect and contact police. Hutton can be reached at 863-834-8969.

You can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward by contacting Heartland Crime Stoppers Florida at 1-800-226-TIPS.

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