Law firm releases report on investigation into Sarasota City Clerk Pamela Nadalini

Law firm releases report on investigation into Sarasota City Clerk Pamela Nadalini

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Sarasota’s City Clerk Pamela Nadalini has been in the hot seat for many months now, ever since she’s been accused by employees of creating a toxic work environment lead by bullying, yelling and badgering. That seat has now become a little hotter.

The law firm of Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick were commissioned to investigate the allegations into Nadalini’s treatment of her employees and their final report recommends that she be placed on administrative leave and then fired. City watchdog and businessman Martin Hyde isn’t sold on the idea of having Nadalini removed from her position.

“All of the respondents said that she did a good job, nobody said that she had done anything illegal," said Hyde. "What they said is she doesn’t say please and thank you the way they like it, I’m really not sure that that’s an issue and it’s certainly not an issue they should take someone’s tenure.”

The law firm interviewed 54 people between November 5th and November 20th. They say Nadalini never made herself available for the interview. Some of the key findings in the investigation found that the clerk’s office atmosphere involved a consistent pattern of retaliation. That Nadalini leads by fear and that the work place environment is unfair. The report also says that the city clerk’s office employee turnover is three times that of all other city departments. Hyde tells us he recently talked to Nadalini and he says she’s very upset with the accusations and the recommendation to terminate her.

“I think there should be due process, I don’t think it’s due process to just hear what other people have to say," said Hyde. "I want to hear her side of the story and then I want to see whether there was some common ground or some way that we could go forward and gain from her institutional knowledge.”

In the positive part of the report, it says "the majority of those interviewed believe Nadalini competently performs the technical duties of her job, follows the law and city policy in the workplace and does not discriminate based upon protected classifications.

The law firm will be giving a presentation on their investigation in front of city commissioners this Monday afternoon at City Hall.

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