Hurricane Season 2018 Recap

2018 Hurricane Season Recap

SARASOTA (WWSB) - November 30th is the official last day of the 2018 Hurricane Season. This year, the Suncoast was not as busy as in the past, but we still did see some impacts during those six months.

Experts say it was an above average hurricane season. We didn’t have a bunch of major hurricanes, but we did have two major hurricanes, and that’s fairly typical for a season – except this year they had predicted less. However, compared to last year, this year’s hurricanes weren’t as damaging. The ones we saw in 2017 were record-breaking.

And while, lucky for us, experts say it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever see a major hurricane impact the Suncoast – mainly because of where we’re located, we still did get hit by another natural disaster…

“What we saw was a change in nature of the crisis that we face. Last year, was the hurricane, with this year being the red tide. Both very different events. Ironically, with the red tide having an even more negative effect on the destination,” Virginia Haley, the President of Visit Sarasota County, explained.

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