Frontier almost complete restoring ABC7 to your TV

Frontier almost complete restoring ABC7 to your TV
Frontier Communications (Source: Frontier Communications)

SARASOTA (WWSB) - ABC7 has received dozens of complaints from Frontier Communication customers Thursday and Friday saying ABC7 and some other local channels are off the air.

ABC7 is, in fact, on the air. However, Frontier has had an issue they’re working to resolve that has taken us off the air for their customers.

A spokesperson for Frontiers says the outage is due to 90 cut fiber lines on Sims Road, north of Bullfrog Creek, in Ruskin. Frontier says 72 of the lines have now been repaired and the remaining 18 fiber lines should be repaired by noon on Friday.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take action at the station to fix the issue. Customers who have additional concerns should reach out to Frontier directly.

Don’t forget - you can still watch us online, on your phone, or on an OTT device, such as a Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV.

If you are not a Frontier customer and are still experiencing issue, please contact the station.

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